Wildlife Removal!

When wild animals get trapped, lost, or scared in a human’s home they don’t know what to do. Some animals get very mean but other animals just try to hide. When this happens these animals can be very hard to remove without a a professional pest removal company like http://wildlifeandpest.com/. Here are 2 very common categories

Raccoon, Rat, Mouse, and Squirrel Removal

If you live near a forest a small animal like a squirrel or family of 2014268_d4c04ad0squirrels may want to make a home inside of your home. This is because your home is warm, has a lot of food, has a lot of quiet and dark places, and has a lot of water. Squirrels and other small rodents are very cute and seem harmless but they can carry a lot of diseases so you will want to get them out of your house as fast as possible. To get them out you can buy metal cage traps and fill them up with food that these like. These cage traps will keep the animal inside of the cage without hurting them. When you catch them contact your wildlife rescue and they will release them into the wild again without ever hurting them.

Snake and Spider Removal

Rosie2012.previewSnakes and spiders can be very dangerous. Most snakes and large spiders will bite you if they are cornered, stepped on, or surprised. Some snakes have very sharp teeth called fangs that inject venom that can really hurt you. If you see a snake in your house you should leave the house right away and call a professional to come remove the snake or spider. If you wait too long snakes and spiders can have lots of babies and your house could become infested.