Observe Nature Safely

animals_beautiful_extraordinary_wild_birds_mad_owl_picture-17Wild animals and plants are very interesting! While you should stay far away from most wild animals and some plants do not think that you have to completely avoid them! You can learn a lot by watching these animals interact with other animals and the environment.

You can go to wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Many of these areas have special telescopes and exhibits set up that let you see these animals safely. You can also go to aquariums and museums to learn about special wild animals that you may not be able to see safely in any other way.

If you live in an area that is heavily wooded like a forest you can go wild-animals2camping and fishing. Most big animals will stay away from you because they are scared of you, but you can still see small animals like birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. You may even see a deer or snake! But remember to always keep your distance because these animals can still hurt you if you scare them. If a wild animal ever gets trapped in your tent, cabin, car, or trailer remember to never touch them and always call for help. You don’t want to hurt these animals and they don’t want to hurt you!

Go see wildlife today!