Humane Rodents Removal

How to humanely and safely deal with rodents

micesMice and rats are common little critters that often can cause a lot of problems. And they often become noticeable when they surprise your significant other unexpectedly. They can cause damage to homes, bite or scratch children and adults alike, and spread many harmful diseases. In such situations the first reaction most people have is to kill the animal as easily as possible. Most methods of doing so involve lethal traps or poisons. Sticky traps are popular but even rodents deserve better than to die slowly of dehydration over the course of days. It is a lingering painful death. Even the more traditional spring traps that can often be found easily available at local grocery or general stores have their downsides as well. I have seen many instances where either the mouse or rat can easily avoid the trap or are only wounded or stunned by it.

Poisons come with a lot of their own problems as well. Many of those problems can be greatly exacerbated if there are children present in the area. Children, especially small children, are naturally inquisitive and will get into anything that they can. New objects are often quickly noticed, focused on, and attempted to interact with usually by handling it or putting it in their mouths.

Even if you do not have children to worry about many Americans have pets. There is a good chance that even if you think Fluffy or Mr. Whiskers cannot reach wherever you placed the poison you are often wrong. Pets, especially small dogs like terriers that were bred specifically to hunt rodents are very adept at finding ways into small and enclosed places. And cats are capable of feats of speed and acrobatics that literally allow them to run along walls or fly through the air defying gravity.

rodentThe most effective method of humane animal removal when it comes to rodents is to use a box like wood, plastic, or metal cage with spring loaded doors. Place some bait inside the trap like peanut butter, marshmallows, or jelly. You want to use sticky bait like this over things commonly featured in cartoons like cheese so that when the rodent tries to take the bait they cannot just pick it up and run off escaping the trap. Once the mouse or rat gets inside to acquire the bait the door should slam shut behind them trapping them inside unharmed.

Once you have captured the animal it is best to attempt to gently release it into the wild at least one or two miles away from your home. If that is not possible then call a local animal control officer to take it off of your hands as they have access to the best equipment an resources to deal with mice or rats.